Change is Good

Change is good. It can also be scary and overwhelming. Towards the end of 2018 I started toying with the idea of starting a photography career. Even just saying that felt so pretentious and fake because I had only ever photographed friends and I had only ever shot on auto mode on my mirrorless Fuji camera with inexpensive lenses that didn’t go past a 4.0 aperture. I knew I wasn’t getting the results I wanted from that camera, but the prospects of finding an affordable DSLR camera with good lenses was so overwhelming. The idea of learning how that complicated piece of machinery worked was even worse. I started obsessively watching Youtube videos about Canon cameras, newborn photography, and starting a photography business, as well listening to podcasts all about starting a photography business. I will say that really helped me feel better about the whole endeavor and gave me the support and encouragement that I needed to keep going and feel confident about what I was doing. So, my friend had her baby in February and she let me come and take photos of the whole birth process – sadly, I couldn’t go in the operating room when they decided to do a c-section, but I was there for everything else. And she let me do a fresh 48, two newborn sessions, and a 3 month session for free and that really taught me so much. 

It’s been 6 months since shooting my friend’s birth session and I can see an obvious improvement in my ability to use my camera, I have manual functions I love as well as aperture priority and I prefer to manually focus using an amazing tool that attaches to my LCD screen and helps me see the fine details I couldn’t see with the little viewfinder – one of the joys of having to wear glasses and not being comfortable in those awful thick contacts for astigmatism.

It has been on my mind lately to start up my etsy shop again with new handmade/designed things and so I used some money from a wedding I shot to buy a Cricut Maker and a bunch of stuff to experiment with that and it has been pretty fun, a little frustrating because I have made a bit of a mess in our kitchen with all of my stuff. In remaking my Etsy shop I changed the name to something meaningful and similar to what it had been, but just updated. It was originally 1319 Prints – 1319 was the address of the first house I can remember as a kid here in Indiana and it’s where I first started learning arts and crafts with my mom as my teacher. In line with that sentiment, I made my new Etsy shop name Pine & Meadow – 1319 Meadow Lane is the street name of that first house and Pine Hill Dr is the name of my very own first house where I’m learning how to use the arts and crafts I love to start a business. During this transition, and due to a few personal experiences over the summer, I began toying with the idea of starting a Youtube channel where I just record my weeks, record how to make things with the Cricut, any trips we may take, outtings with the pups, and other life things that come along. After sitting down and thinking for two weeks about what I want this Youtube channel to be I have decided to put everything in my life under the name Pine & Meadow. My Etsy shop, my Youtube Channel, and my photography business. So, I have decided to change my photography business to Pine & Meadow Photography. I hope you will watch and enjoy my Youtube channel, when I post the first video I will let you know and I would love constructive feedback on what you like and don’t like. But my philosophy with my channel is just to make things that I would enjoy watching and hope to find my people that way.

Thank you for reading!

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